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Dai Shihan Gabby


Daughter of Amelia & David Zarb. Gabby has been training since she was 5 years of age, and has continued training & developed her coaching skills over the 31 years of her experience in Goju-Ryu Karate.  She was the youngest female black belt in Goju Kensha Karate-do in Australiasia, achieving her Shodan-Ho at the age of 9. News programme TODAY TONIGHT also took an interest in her achievements and filmed an article, & followed her to the National Tournament Championship in QLD, where Gabby represented the state.

“I have to thank my parents for the assertive & confident young woman that I have become today. I didn’t have any option throughout my childhood so I had to train 5 days a week. This has made a huge impact on my life throughout my teenager years and my adulthood.”

Studying Karate since 1992 (5 yrs of age)


  • Certified Covid Safe Martial Arts Instructor
  • Completion VCE Mowbray College, Melton
  • Diploma of Beauty Therapy
  • Yondan 4th Dan Black Belt – Goju Ryu Karate
  • MAIA – Martial Arts Industry Association- Accredited coach
  • Level 2 first aid
  • Member of the Australian Karate Federation
  • National All Styles (NAS) competitor, and state representative
  • Diploma of Sports Coaching
  • Diploma of Sports Development
  • Level 1 “Responding to Sexual Assault”
  • WWCC & current police check
  • Anaphylaxis training course

Martial Arts Travel experiences:

  • Japan, Tokyo
  • New Zealand
  • Tasmania (state championships)
  • Gold Coast (national championships)
  • NSW (state championships)

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