Art of Defence Australia

Dai Shihan Amelia Zarb


Company Director of Art of Defence Australia.  Amelia is highly professional business woman but also very passionate about Martial Arts, through being infected by Shihan David Zarb, as has many others.

“To see people grow and develop is a terrific opportunity, and i am happy to come along on their journey as well! Having trained daily for over 25 years , I am still inspired to increase my skill base, and try to perfect what I know.”

Studying Karate since 1992 (33 yrs of age)

Studying Tai Chi since 1993 (34 yrs of age)


  • Certified Covid Safe Martial Arts Instructor
  • Completion Year 12 Penleigh & Essendon Grammar School
  • Senior Yondan 4th Dan Black Belt – Goju Ryu Karate
  • Tai Chi Chuan Coach CHeng Ming International
  • Hsing I Coach & Ba Gau Coach
  • MAIA Accredited coach
  • Level 2 first aid
  • National Referee NAS
  • N.C.A.S Level 2
  • Cert IV Workplace assessment and training
  • Diploma Sports Coaching & Development
  • Director of Art of Defence Australia<
  • Secretary Cheng Ming Australia
  • WWCC & current police check
  • Anaphylaxis training course<

Martial Arts Travel experiences:

  • Numerous interstate trips in Australia
  • New Zealand 4 times
  • Japan 3 times (once where I attended my 2nd Dan grading)
  • Taiwan 34 times

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