Art of Defence Australia

Secondary Schools and University Self Defence Programs

What is Self Defence?

Self Defence is about protecting yourself from someone that wants to hurt you.

Did you know that most sexual attacks occur in the home?

Did you know that approximately 86% of assailants are known to their victim?

Self Defence is NOT a Martial Art, it is all about survival techniques.

As is obvious in the daily news, there is a great need for all of us in the community to learn the skills necessary to ward off potential attackers. Education is certainly the way to do so.

We teach students how to avoid potentially dangerous situations, and how to cope with them if attacked.

We show them how to become more assertive and self confident, whilst increasing their level of personal development and health awareness; by very patient and expert instructors.

Suitability and target audience

Our target audience throughout the secondary school system is Years 9 and 10 students. Custom designed courses may be organized to specialize in Women’s and Men’s Self Defence Program. We teach a different syllabus to Females and Males. Girls are more likely to be attacked by a lone assailant, whereas guys are more susceptible to being approached by a group of assailants. We can even provide same sex instructors for those who are initially uncomfortable being taught by the opposite.

Course Objectives

For the courses to be successful we target the sessions around certain aims, being Confidence, Awareness, Assertiveness and Easy Physical Skills.

In order to cover all the aspects of the structured Basic Self Defence Course, we require five consecutive sessions of 90 minutes duration.

We are even able to custom design courses to suit; such as Covert Unarmed Combat, Women’s Self Defence, and Advanced Self Defence Courses.

Course Aims

The overall aims of these courses are:-

To better recognize, avoid and defuse dangerous situations
To apply effective techniques for physical self defence and
To experience subsequent improvements in quality of life and feelings of empowerment and control, with freedom from excessive anxiety.

The following relates to the first of these aims and covers in better detail some of these points, which are covered in the theory component.

  • the concepts of safer, secure living
  • attacks on women
  • safety in the home
  • defensive behaviour in and around the car
  • defensive living whilst walking alone
  • description of offenders
  • effects of drugs and alcohol.

Types of Schools we teach in

We teach at over 30 schools, many for over 16 years. We teach at Primary, Secondary, Universities, and Schools with students who have special needs. We tailor make our program to ensure the students gain maximum benefit

Where we teach

We are very mobile, and can cover greater Melbourne. Please contact us for a free demonstration. A demonstration would provide you with an insight into our style of teaching, content and absolute professional approach.

Our Self Defence Instructors

Our Coaches are all qualified with Diploma’s in Sports Coaching and Sports Development, are members of the Australian Guild Of Black Belts, Martial Arts Professionals, Australian Karate Federation, and are qualified Sports Aiders as well.

Call now!

It is important your students feel safe and enjoy a good quality of life. Self Defence Courses empower and help to change students outlook, let’s see what we can do at your school.

To enquire please call Amelia on 0407 320 333