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Tai Chi – Cheng Ming Internal Kung Fu

Tai Chi is short for Tai Chi Chuan, which translates into Grand Ultimate Fist. It is an ancient Chinese Martial Art. Initially, we teach it as a very gentle breathing exercise program.

Everyone may benefit from practising Tai Chi, regardless of age or fitness levels. It is said to be preferably done in the morning, after your ablutions and before breakfasting, as it is considered a cleansing system.

We are fortunate to be part of the direct lineage to Great Grand Master Wang Shu Chin’s system of Internal Kung Fu, which includes Tai Chi, Hsing I and Ba Gua. His disciple, Grand Master Wang Fu Lai, is now responsible for extending the Cheng Ming International Kung Fu System throughout the world, including Taiwan, Japan, Israel, England, Italy, France, USA and now Australia.


As a form of stress management, Tai Chi has no rival. Tai Chi relieves stress and tension by invoking a sense of tranquillity in the mind along with introducing a healthier state of body at the same time.

As the movements are natural and not forced, the entire body is exercised evenly, enhancing better metabolism, youthfulness, toning of the nerves and increasing the effectiveness of breathing and good blood circulation. Each movement has excellent self-defence applications as well. The Cheng Ming system originates from the Zhongshan Nan Mountains in China and is a Daoist Martial Art that is reputedly older than the Shaolin system.  Tai Chi is a gentle flowing series of movements that works on the 12 meridians, the 8 extra vessels, and the 5 elements to enhance health.

The syllabus is large – Tai Chi, Hsing I, and Ba Gua (the martial art for martial artists).

We also offer optional tours to Asia.

Benefits of Tai Chi

Better health – build your intrinsic energy (Chi), for increased vitality and energy, dissolve stress, fade your aches and pains away.

More confidence – be more self aware, self healing, and learn self defence as well!

Great achievement – internationally recognised gradings and qualifications.

To live long in good health is everyone’s desire. Tai Chi can keep you fit, help you work more efficiently, sleep more soundly and enjoy daily activities without the accumulation of worries and irritations.

Tai Chi_Cheng Ming Internal Kung Fu

All the Coaches are professional and patient, and have been personally trained by Master Wang Fu Lai both in Taiwan and Australia.

Free Tai Chi Interactive Demonstrations

Do you have a workplace, school, community group or even a bunch of friends who would be interested in hosting a free Tai Chi demonstration? If so, we would love to hear from you. We are offering free interactive demonstrations at the venue and time of your choice, so that we can expand awareness of the benefits of this delicate Martial Art. Tai Chi encourages students to live longer in better health, stay active and promote harmony within our bodies. It also has the benefit of increasing flexibility, reducing stress levels and even overcoming fatigue. If this sounds like something you would like to share with others, please contact us to find out more.

Please Note: No classes are held during the Victorian State Primary School Holidays, or on public holiday weekends.


2009 has been a huge calendar event for Cheng Ming International.  Two milestones have been achieved in that Taiwan has celebrated 60 years of the system, and Japan 50 years since Grand Master Wang Su Shin began teaching the Cheng Ming system in Japan.  Both David and Amelia were invited to help celebrate and honour the late great Master. The photo gallery will soon be updated with professional shots from the Presentation Day and Evening events.

Master Wang Fu Lai explaining about the martial art of the Cheng Ming System and demonstrating fighting applications.


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