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Kung Fu: Tai Chi and Weaponry

Cheng Ming Internal Kung Fu comprises the Nei Chia, the internal side of Chinese Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Hsing-I and Pa Kua. They are practised softly with emphasis on building health, chi and self defence. Emphasis is placed on Chi development and movement using inner Chi rather than external muscular force. Movements are practised naturally as opposed to the forced movement of external arts. Cheng Ming also has 5 sets of Chi Kung relating to 5 elements, 8 vessels, 12 meridians.

Cheng Ming originates from the Zhong Nan mountains in China, Daoist martial arts that are reputedly older than the Shaolin system.

Grandmaster Wang Shu Chin (1905-1981)

Grandmaster Wang Shu Chin studied Hsing-I and Ba Gua from the masters originating from the Zhong Nan mountains in central china. One of the great Masters of all time, founder of Cheng Ming.

Grandmaster Wang Fu Lai

The head of Cheng Ming today. He started training with Wang Shu Chin when he was 14 and has dedicated his life to spreading this great system around the world. An amazing man and Martial Artist Grandmaster Wang travels the world teaching Kung Fu.

Master Huang Su Chun

Alongside Master Wang Fu Lai is Master Huang Su Chun travelling the world teaching the Cheng Ming system. She too was taught by GrandMaster Wang Su Chin and was for many years his carer in his later life. Both Masters are absolute in the systems of Tai Chi Chuan, Hsing I and Ba Gua Zhang. We are very lucky to have such expert Coaches guiding and training us in the style of Cheng Ming Internal Kung Fu.

David Zarb

David Zarb has been studying under Grandmaster Wang Fu Lai for the past 25 years. He has an intimate knowledge of all aspects of the Cheng Ming system, and together with his wife Amelia travels to Taiwan for personal tuition 1-2 times per year. He also hosts Grandmaster Wang Fu Lai in Melbourne once a year running highly successful specialised training camps. David has been an international director of Cheng Ming International Kung Fu since 2016.

Amelia Zarb

Amelia Zarb has been studying under GrandMaster Wang Fu Lai and GrandMaster Hoang Su Chun for the past 24 years. Along with  husband David, Amelia has been Internationally graded and formally recognised as a Tai Chi Chuan , Hsing I Chuan and Ba Gua Zhang Instructor

Tai Chi Chuan

A gentle flowing series of choreographed movements that enhance health. Movements that work on the 12 meridians, the eight vessels, the five elements, to enhance health. To do Tai Chi correctly needs lots of practise as it’s not as easy as it looks. More practise – More health.

The concentration of practising Tai Chi gives us much needed time out and creates calmness and peace of mind.

Tai Chi can also be used as a martial art. Each movement in Cheng Ming has multiple self defence applications that are powerful and easy to use.

Students often ask whether it is important to learn Tai Chi the martial way, and for many it isn’t important, they are happy just practicing the form. Others however appreciate that Tai Chi practised with application in mind, each posture practiced with maximum energy and power in mind the benefits to health are exponential!

The Cheng Ming 100 move Tai Chi is different to others in that it has had input by Grandmaster Wang Shu Chin from Ba Gua and Hsing-I.

Tai Chi can be practised by anyone, at any age. If children could calm down enough to practise Tai Chi the benefits would be profound.

Tai Chi, such an amazing health and self defence system that few people realize the true potential!

Hsing-I Chuan

An internal martial art that, as with Tai Chi, is synchronised with our bodies internal energy system to provide an amazing martial art that is incredibly powerful and healthy.

Included in the syllabus are the five elements, the twelve animals, forms and multiple weapons.

As with Tai chi, Hsing-I is practised with the enhancement of health in mind.

The five elements can be used as 5 element Chi Kung, each posture being held to enhance the health and energy flow through the body in accordance with traditional chinese medicine theory. The theory is more health = More power and vice versa.

Ba Gua Zhang

The supreme Martial Art, Ba Gua is practiced on a circle, hence the term circle walking. It combines all the metaphysical sides of the martial arts, the Dao, the I Ching, Yin Yang, meridians etc into a comprehensive Martial Art.

Cheng Ming Lineage

Grand Master Wang Su Chin

Master Wang Fu Lai & Master Huang Su Chun

David Zarb & Amelia Zarb

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