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Kids Karate

Karate is a Japanese Martial Art. It translates from Japanese to mean “empty hand”, a weaponless form.

We like to think that we’re in the business of empowering people; increasing their levels of self-esteem, confidence and personal development.

It’s all about fun and fitness. Girls and boys, men and women, can all reap the rewards by striving to form a strong body and tough spirit, yet conducting their lives in a gentle fashion that contributes in a positive way to family and society.

Karate is great for all people from all walks of life at any age. Our students range in age from 4 to 64 and our Black Belts come in all shapes and sizes.

For the youth, it is important to offer fun, interesting and challenging after school curricular activities. A great hobby is always an asset. Isn’t it important for young kids to grow up focused and feeling good about themselves?

Karate helps improve confidence, and may ward off bullying tactics by others. You will see the difference in school reports, personal relationships, work ethics and in everyday lifestyle.

“All of our children have trained in Karate from very young ages. I literally had no access to babysitters while our kids were growing up, so they had to come to work with us. Training on a daily basis brought fantastic results to our children on both academic and social levels. They have proven to be confident and caring leaders in their adulthood. Gabriella is still very much enjoying Karate.”

Amelia Zarb – Proprietor and Director of ADA
Students are encouraged to practise their basics and forms, thus developing a disciplined body, capable of reacting quickly in a self defence situation.

We do not condone violence, and all classes are effectively constructed and taught in a caring, disciplined and supervised manner.

Inherent in Karate training is a traditional emphasis on respect, discipline and defensive or evasive movements, rather than aggression.

Children are also cautioned that Karate practice is strictly for the Dojo (training centre), where rigid safety principles are observed.
We achieve great results from our students by encouraging them in a positive manner. We teach and grade students on a contemporary basis.

In some instances, because of the holistic benefits, the NDIS may provide funding to help you get involved in Karate or Tai Chi , for children and adults respectfully. Increase your personal confidence, learn self defence, and have fun all at the same time. Implement your approved NDIS funding to achieve your goals, gain skills and meet new, like minded people.

We are the peak body in Goju Ryu Karate-Do and Cheng Ming Internal Kung Fu. Our specialist coaches provide the tools for positive advancement, and good results, personally tailored to you.

The benefits may include those of a physical nature, mental health improvement, improved behavioural aspects and a positive social one.  We are happy to written provide quotations for you

The Coaches

ADA coaches encourage through positive reinforcement rather than denigration. This ensures that every student feels good about their level of skills and themselves.

Being friendly, caring and patient is paramount in any family and is the key principal that drives our instructors. Our Coaches are all qualified with Diploma’s in Sports Coaching and Sports Development, are members of the Australian Guild Of Black Belts, Martial Arts Industry Association, Martial Arts Professionals, Australian Karate Federation, and are qualified Sports Aiders as well.


Students can attend regular classes held 6 days a week, or book private lessons with the coach of their choice. Both of these options have immediate advantages.

Group learning reinforces martial community and teamwork in learning, while private lessons cater to personal wants and needs at their own absorption rate.

Classes are segregated into age and skill level meaning class size and content are relevant to the student attendance.

New Member Details

Art of Defence Australia recommends New Members come to one of our facilities for 2 FREE trial lessons.

ADA extends an ‘open door policy’ ensuring anyone can participate in our programs despite age, gender, creed or martial history.

Upon joining our community, New Members receive a martial arts uniform FREE of charge. (SAVING $115). All of our martial arts uniforms are of premium quality, cotton rich and premium double stitched.

Advanced Black Belt Training

The Black Belt Karate School is for Advanced Martial Arts Practitioners only. Seminars are conducted by Head Coach David Zarb and are designed to probe deeper into the fundamentals of your martial art allowing you to heighten skill, technique and understanding. Invitation is restricted to style and extended to Goju Ryu 1st Kyu and Black Belt ranks. Hope to see you there.

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