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Adults Karate

Karate is a Japanese Martial Art. It translates from Japanese to mean “empty hand”, a weaponless form.

Traditional Goju Ryu Karate-Do (The School of the Hard/Soft Style) is taught in a very contemporary manner.  Adults often come to learn self defence, to immerse themselves in Japanese culture, to increase personal fitness, or perhaps to improve core strength. Both women and men are encouraged to train to the best of their ability, regardless of age or fitness level.

The major difference between the kids karate syllabus and that of the adults, is the “Bunkai” (self defence applications ). This partner work is always done respectfully, with supervised instruction, and with protective gear if necessary.

All skills taught are complemented by mental and physical benefits.  Stress management, fitness, confidence, a heightened sense of awareness and  assertiveness are just a few. 

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Karate is great for people from all walks of life at any age. Our students range in age from 4 to 64 and our Black Belts come in all shapes and sizes.

Adults Karate

Karate helps improve confidence, and may ward off bullying tactics by others. You will see the difference in personal relationships, work ethics and in everyday lifestyle.

Students are encouraged to practice their basics and forms, thus developing a disciplined body, capable of reacting quickly in a self defence situation. We do not condone violence, and all classes are effectively constructed and taught in a caring, disciplined and supervised manner.

Inherent in Karate training is a traditional emphasis on respect, discipline and defensive or evasive movements, rather than aggression. We achieve great results from our students by encouraging them in a positive manner. We teach and grade students on a contemporary basis. For those interested in tournaments, we are able to offer first hand knowledge, specialised training and technical assistance.

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The Coaches

ADA coaches encourage through positive reinforcement rather than denigration. This ensures that every student feels good about their level of skills and themselves. Being friendly, caring and patient is paramount in any family and is the key principal that drives our instructors.

Our Coaches are all qualified with Diplomas in Sports Coaching and Sports Development, are members of the Australian Guild Of Black Belts, Martial Arts Industry Association, Martial Arts Professionals, Australian Karate Federation, and are qualified Sports Aiders as well.

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Advanced Black Belt Training

The Black Belt Karate School is for Advanced Martial Arts Practitioners only. Seminars are conducted by Head Coach David Zarb and are designed to probe deeper into the fundamentals of your martial art allowing you to heighten skill, technique and understanding. Invitation is restricted to style and extended to Goju Ryu 1st Kyu and Black Belt ranks. Hope to see you there.

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