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Corporate Stress Management

Our Corporate Stress Management programs are specifically designed to bring the absolute best out of you and your people


  • You care about managing your staff
  • You want to keep your high performers
  • You want to reduce stress in the work place
  • You want to bring out the best in your people

Your company

  • Has a positive culture
  • Willing to try new techniques
  • Committed to bring developmental change

Your staff

  • Are integral to you
  • Willing to drive the company forward
  • Care about the company
  • Care about the customers
  • Want to feel good !!

About Us

  • We make sure you achieve your goals
  • We have been doing this for over 20 years
  • We work with you to create change

What form does it take?

  • Training in Tai Chi (includes meditation)
  • Tai Chi classes can be weekly, monthly
  • Office or factory
  • Anywhere in Melbourne

Call Amelia now on 0407 320 333 or email You will be surprised how affordable and easy it is to arrange

More background on Tai Chi

Tai Chi is short for Tai Chi Chuan, which translates into Grand Ultimate Fist. It is an ancient Chinese Martial Art

As a form of stress management, Tai Chi has no rival. Tai Chi relieves stress and tension by invoking a sense of tranquillity in the mind along with introducing a healthier state of body at the same time.

As the movements are natural and not forced, the entire body is exercised evenly, enhancing better metabolism, youthfulness, toning of the nerves and increasing the effectiveness of breathing and good blood circulation. Each movement has excellent self-defence applications as well.

The benefits of practising Tai Chi include a greater sense of general awareness, having more energy to do your daily tasks, better flexibility and the ability to enjoy relaxation techniques also.

To live long in good health is everyone’s desire. Tai Chi can keep you fit, help you work more efficiently, sleep more soundly and enjoy daily activities without the accumulation of worries and irritations.

We are professional and patient, and have been personally trained in Asia and Australia. Perhaps we need to borrow from Eastern Culture some of the better techniques to help us with our busy Western lifestyles.

Call Amelia now on 0407 320 333 or email to discuss Tai Chi for your work place.