Art of Defence Australia

Coaching Program

Requirement to be 15 years of age

The benefits of coaching in your chosen sporting activity, namely, Martial Arts include:

  • Leadership qualities
  • Role model for the students
  • Mentor Program with the Senior Coaches
  • Increasing your personal development
  • Having this skill on your curriculum vitae
  • Preparation for Senior Coaching qualification once 18 years of age with The Martial Arts Industry Association, enabling you to teach on a full/part time basis without supervision
  • Career choice

The expectations from you include:

  • Attending karate classes in a Blue Instructor quality Gi at whichever Dojo you choose
  • Preferably to attend sessions in Weaponry and Kung Fu in order to advance your Martial Arts acumen to a much higher level than general students
  • Attendance to the special workshops conducted by Shihan David
  • Year long commitment to this program, whenever you attend classes
  • Attendance to formal First Aid Seminar
  • Basic written assessments on subjects covered along the way, including Occupational Health and Safety, Risk Management, Asset Management, Legal and Insurance Requirements
  • Practical assessment at year end by Shihan David